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Scrap Yard in Colchester I Your Questions Answered

Tonnes of used catalytic converter parts and scrap metal are recycled every year in the UK and Essex Batteries Ltd are proud to be part of this environmentally-friendly process. Our scrap yard in Colchester recycles huge quantities of scrap metal every week for clients in Colchester and the surrounding Essex areas.


As scrap metal merchant experts for over twenty years, we have the expertise to answer some of the most common questions about scrap metal recycling. If you have a question which has not been answered on this page, please call our Colchester scrap yard on 01206 266 734 to speak to a scrap metal and used catalytic converter specialist.


Why Should I Recycle Scrap Metal?


Councils in Colchester, Essex and the rest of the UK are aiming to completely clear landfills of scrap metal waste. Metal waste in landfills results in significant harm to the environment because contaminated metals, and fluids from batteries, deteriorate and leak into the surrounding ground, water and air supplies.


Recycling used catalytic converter systems and scrap metal with a registered scrap metal merchant and scrap yard means metal can be safely recycled and disposed of using environmentally-friendly methods.


Essex Batteries Ltd aim to achieve 100% recycling and promote scrap metal recycling as the best way to get rid of unwanted metal in Colchester and the rest of the UK.


Are You A Registered Scrap Metal Merchant?


Yes. Essex Batteries Ltd are registered by local authorities in Essex including Colchester Council. We have been a licensed scrap metal merchant in Essex for over twenty years and are recognised professional scrap metal dealers.


We have mobile collector’s licenses which enables our personnel to collect used catalytic converter systems and other scrap metal from domestic and commercial customers in Colchester and the rest of the UK. Our team is highly trained to deal with all types of scrap metal safely and responsibly.


Can I Just Turn Up To The Scrap Yard?


Yes, our scrap yard in Colchester is open to visitors from Monday through to Saturday. Bring your used catalytic converter or other scrap metal items to our scrap yard, and a scrap metal specialist will weigh, grade and price your metal.


We provide instant payment and a friendly and professional service. If you have larger items to dispose of, call our scrap metal merchant team on 01206 266 734. We are happy to arrange a collection service for customers in Colchester and the surrounding Essex area.


What Is Ferrous And Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal?


Non-ferrous scrap metal is metal that doesn’t contain iron, meaning it is non-magnetic and usually more resistant to corrosion. Examples of non-ferrous metals are:


• Stainless Steel

• Aluminium

• Copper

• Brass


Ferrous scrap metal, on the other hand, does contain iron and is more prone to rust and corrosion. Examples of ferrous metals are:

• Steel

• Light Iron

• Cast Iron

• Sheet Iron


Essex Batteries Ltd buy, sell and recycle ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal including copper wire, metal domestic appliances and used catalytic converter parts.


If you have any questions regarding scrap metal recycling and the services we provide in Colchester, please call us on 01206 791 783.